Training Resources

This website contains a wide range of educational resources and tools that can assist you in your job search. In the following categories, we've condensed some of the most useful topics for easy learning and review. Even if you are fairly familiar with a particular topic, you are encouraged to review each of the topics covered here. You are sure to find a few tips that are worth remembering.

Training Tools and ResourcesThe following learning categories will help in planning and executing your job search.

Learn More ... Quick Hits: Quick Hits is a compilation of important job search information that is easy to access and concise for quick learning opportunities. You are encouraged to check this section regularly for learning and review.

Learn More ... Training Modules: The training modules cover key elements of the job search process. They augment information found elsewhere in this website and are helpful for review of particular topics.

These learning tools supplement the Job Search eBook and other sections of this website. They are especially useful for review prior to undertaking the relevant areas of your job search. You may want to refer to these learning tools often.

Note: As you browse through the job search tools, you'll find that you can access sub-menus using the either the menu system or via some built-in links like those above. The method you use may vary depending on whether you use a touch screen, touch pad, mouse or other device.