Job Search Tools and Resources

There are many components to a successful job search. From the early planning stages to final job acceptance, there are lots of activities and tasks to perform. A key goal of Job Hunter Pro is to take much of the burden off your shoulders.

The following tools and resources will help make your job search a little easier.

Tools and Resources

Learn More ... Job Aggregators: Learn about job aggregators, their pros and cons; and search for job openings based upon criteria that meets your job search needs.

Learn More ... Job Interview Tips: These are excellent resources for reviewing important aspects of job interviews, including video interviews.

Learn More ... Links: Here, you'll find links to a wide range of job search resources, including job search websites and sources for conducting company research.

Learn More ... Miscellaneous: You'll find a wide range of job search tools and utilities here that didn't fit neatly into other groupings.

Learn More ... Social Networking Tips: Social networking can have far-reaching impacts on finding a job and building a successful career. These tips will help.

Learn More ... Training: These quick and easy-to-use modules provide training and review of cover letter, resume, interviewing and networking topics.

These tools supplement the Job Search eBook and other sections of this website. You'll also find many forms and templates available for download under the “Downloads“ menu.

As you browse through the job search tools and resources, you'll find that you can access sub-menus using the either the menu system or via some built-in links (like those above) on each page. The method you use may vary depending on whether you use a touch screen, touch pad, mouse or other device.

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