Thank-You Notes

A good thank-you note can help get you noticed. It shows you appreciate the employer's efforts on your behalf and that you are aware of common courtesies that are a part of the job search process.

As always, recognize the amount of time available for recruiters to read thank-you notes and the like is limited. You must therefore keep thank-you notes simple, short and easy to read.

Samples and Templates Available for Download

Your thank-you note can also be used to help remind the recruiter of special skills or other benefits you would bring to the employer. The use of bullet points is a good strategy for highlighting such expertise. Keep in mind that the thank-you note's primary purpose is to thank the recruiter so don't turn it into a mini-resume. Focus on just a few key areas of your expertise.

To help you develop an effective thank-you note, ask yourself the following question: If I had only five-to-ten seconds to make a point, what would I say? Be sure you are sincere in expressing your thanks, but also use the opportunity to sell yourself.

Here you'll find some sample thank-you notes to help you organize your thoughts and get the recruiter's attention.

Always remember, you may have as little as five or ten seconds to get the reviewer's attention. Don't let a poor heading, inappropriate job title, or lack of keywords keep you from getting noticed.

The bottom line is you need to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses and develop a thank-you note that focuses on your strengths. The goal is to make you look as good as possible within the context of your skills and the job you are applying for.

When in doubt, give your thank-you note to a friend or colleague and give them between five and ten seconds to look it over. Then ask them what they gleaned from it. If their answer isn't what you were hoping for, you probably need to revise it.

Some of the samples and templates covered above and in the eBook are available for download. Visit the Downloads menu to download files to your personal computer or mobile device.