Job Search Roadmap

Flexible Learning Paths

Job hunters have varied levels of job search experience and knowledge. As a result, there is no single approach that will meet the needs of every person seeking a job. We’ve developed flexible learning paths to address these varied needs.

Using the Eight-Step Job Search Process as a framework, we’ve broken the learning approach into three generalized learning paths. Within each learning path there are suggested areas of the transition services portal to review. You’ll also find additional resources you can access if you want to dig deeper into any of the topics you find there.

As you review the various learning paths, you may find that Path I meets your needs for some steps, Path II for other steps, and Path III for others. It depends upon your particular background, needs and learning preferences.

Roadmap and Learning Path Overview . . . Choose paths that meet your needs

Roadmap Specifics – Eight-Step Job Search

Summary: The eight-step job search process provides a general framework that gives the process some structure and predictability. However; searching for a job is a dynamic process that requires flexibility and overlapping activities. Each step can vary depending on your background and needs. An optimal job search requires that you use the job search knowledge and tools provided here within the context of your unique situation and career goals.

The above roadmap will give you a good start on your job search, but it is not all-inclusive. As you follow any of the roadmap learning paths, you will find many more resources along the way. As was mentioned earlier, the job search process is dynamic and will vary depending on your particular background and needs. Feel free to explore and utilize any additional resources on this website that you find helpful.