Personal Characteristic Words

Words for Interviews, Resumes and Cover Letters that help Sell You

It's not uncommon for interviewers to ask job candidates to describe themselves. You may also be searching for just the right word to describe yourself in your resume. Here are some words that might inspire a more powerful resume, cover letter or interview.

Accurate Daring Idealistic Practical
Action-oriented Deliberate Imaginative Proactive
Admirable Dependable Independent Productive
Adventurous Devoted Informal Quality-oriented
Artistic Dutiful Inquisitive Rational
Assertive Eager Intelligent Realistic
Attentive Ecstatic Involved Reliable
Balanced Energetic Judging Responsible
Bold Entertaining Kind Secure
Brave Enthusiastic Leader Self-assured
Calm Expressive Learned Self-controlled
Capable Factual Level-headed Self-starter
Careful Favorable Likable Sense of humor
Casual Formal Loving Sensitive
Challenging Fun Low key Smooth
Civic-minded Giving Loyal Social
Collected Goal-oriented Opportunistic Stable
Communicative Go-getter Original Task-oriented
Compassionate Happy Outgoing Tolerant
Concise Hard worker Overt Trustworthy
Confident Harmonious Passionate Warm
Controlled High standards Perfectionist Worldly
Cool Holistic Personable  
Creative Humanistic Physically fit  
Curious Humble Popular