Resume Samples

It's probably obvious, but a good resume is an essential aspect of your job search. It is the primary document by which your qualifications for a job will be judged. Take the time to read the eBook and use the other tools in this website to help you prepare a quality resume.

Here you'll find some sample resumes to help you better understand the most common types of resumes and their formats. We also dissect a sample resume to discuss its individual parts. Covered separately in the eBook, you'll find information about video resumes.

Samples and Templates Available for Download

Some of the samples and templates covered in the eBook are available for download. Visit the Downloads menu to download files to your personal computer.

Always remember, you may have as little as five or ten seconds to get the reviewer's attention. Don't let a poor heading, inappropriate job title, or lack of keywords keep you from getting noticed.

The bottom line is you need to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses and develop a resume that focuses on your strengths and minimizes any weaknesses. The goal is to make you look as good as possible within the context of your skills and the job you are applying for.

When in doubt, give your resume to a friend or colleague and give them between five and ten seconds to look it over. Then ask them what they gleaned from it. If their answer isn't what you were hoping for, you probably need to revise it.