Action Words

Creating More Powerful Resumes and Cover letters

Sometimes, it's the words you use that make the best impression in a resume or cover letter. In addition to use of action words, remember that many electronic resume-scanning systems will be searching for keywords (usually nouns) that are representative of the key elements of the job.

Accepted Drafted Introduced Reduced
Accomplished Dragged Invented Refined
Achieved Drove Invested Related
Acknowledged Duplicated Investigated Reordered
Acquired Edited Involved Reorganized
Acted Encouraged Isolated Reported
Adjusted Enhanced Iterated Represented
Administered Enlisted Joined Researched
Advised Ensured Journeyed Responded
Aggregated Entrusted Judged Restored
Aggregated Enumerated Juggled Restructured
Analyzed Equipped Jumped Retrieved
Announced Erased Juxtaposed Revamped
Applied Established Kept Reviewed
Appraised Evaluated Labeled Revised
Approved Evolved Lauded Roped
Arranged Exacted Launched Satisfied
Arrested Examined Learned Searched
Assembled Exercised Lectured Selected
Assisted Expanded Led Sequestered
Assumed Expedited Leveled Served
Attended Experimented Liberated Serviced
Attracted Extracted Liquidated Set up
Awarded Facilitated Listed Settled
Backed Factored Loaded Shipped
Balanced Feathered Located Showed
Bought Featured Lowered Simplified
Braved Fed Lubricated Sold
Brightened Figured Maintained Solved
Broadened Finalized Managed Sorted
Brought Financed Marketed Spotted
Budgeted Fired Married Squelched
Built Flew Mated Staffed
Cabled Flowed Measured Standardized
Cabled Fogged Merged Started
Calculated Folded Minimized Strengthened
Captured Forwarded Modernized Studied
Carried Fostered Modified Succeeded
Carved Found Motivated Supervised
Caught Founded Negotiated Supplied
Centralized Framed Notified Supported
Changed Furnished Numbered Surrounded
Characterized Furthered Objected Swapped
Charged Gained Observed Systematized
Checked Garnered Obtained Tabulated
Chose Gauged Opened Tackled
Clarified Generated Operated Tailored
Cleaned Governed Ordained Tallied
Coached Grabbed Organized Tamed
Collated Grew Outlined Tape-recorded
Combined Guaranteed Overhauled Taught
Communicated Guarded Oversaw Tended
Compared Guided Packed Tendered
Compiled Hacked Parked Told
Completed Haggled Passed Topped
Composed Hammered Patrolled Totaled
Computed Handled Patterned Tracked
Concealed Hardened Persuaded Trained
Conceived Hastened Photocopied Transacted
Condensed Headed Picked out Transferred
Consumed Heated Planned Translated
Controlled Heeded Played Transported
Converted Held Pondered Treated
Conveyed Helped Posted Truncated
Coordinated Hired Powered Turned around
Corrected Honored Prepared Typed
Corresponded Hypothesized Pre-qualified Uncovered
Counseled Idealized Prescribed Undercut
Crafted Identified Processed Undertook
Created Illustrated Produced Underwrote
Cut back Imagined Proffered Unified
Dared Implemented Prognosticated Updated
Dealt with Improved Provided Upgraded
Decided Improvised Published Upped
Defied Increased Purchased Used
Defined Influenced Pursued Utilized
Delivered Informed Qualified Vacated
Demonstrated Initiated Questioned Validated
Deposed Innovated Quoted Verbalized
Designed Inoculated Raised Verified
Determined Inspected Rammed Weighed
Diagnosed Installed Read Weighted
Directed Instigated Realized Withstood
Disposed Instituted Recalculated Wooed
Distributed Instructed Received Worked
Diverted Integrated Recognized Wrestled
Divested Interpreted Recorded Wrote
Divined Interviewed Recruited Yielded