Interview Critique Form

This form will assist you in evaluating how well you have done during your job interviews. You are encouraged to complete an Interview Critique Form shortly after every interview while the interview is still fresh in your mind. It will help you improve your interviewing skills and will serve as a nice review prior to participating in future interviews.

Interview Critique

Name of Company:Date:

Overall, how did the interview go and why do I feel that way?

How well did I do in making a good first impression with the all the staff I met?

Did I encounter any problems with being on time, driving directions, parking, or any other logistics?

Did I have everything I needed (copy of resume, cover letter, pencil and paper, info required on the employment application, etc.)?

Was I appropriately dressed based upon general observation or what other applicants might have been wearing?

Did I greet the interviewer with a firm handshake and maintain positive posture throughout?

Did I utilize good eye contact and avoid any negative body language?

Did I display any nervous habits?

What questions did I handle best?

Which of my responses did the interviewer seem most pleased with?

What questions did I have difficulty with?

Which of my responses seemed to be least acceptable to the interviewer?

How was my overall rapport with the interviewer and what accounted for this level of rapport?

Did I focus on my strengths and accomplishments?

Could I have handled questions about some of my weaknesses better?

What skills or accomplishments could I have covered better?

If I could do one or two things over again, what would they be?

If I could have said one more thing to the interviewer, what would it be?

What is the biggest lesson learned from this interview?

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