Career Planning Worksheet

Targeting Your New Career

This form is designed to serve two purposes: 1) Help you think through your career goals, options, and strategy, and 2) Help share your goals with your job search coach so they can better support your needs. Completing this form will help guide you in developing a career search marketing plan.

As you complete the form, think beyond the immediate past and future. Instead, consider creative options that may work for you. This "outside the box" kind of thinking may inspire some new options and possibilities for your longer-term career planning.

Career Planning Worksheet

Targeted job title(s): (include generic or other common titles that may apply)
Key characteristics that describe you: (e.g., Analytical, Team- Builder, Strategic, Personable, Results-Oriented)
Background and accomplishments: (a synopsis of your professional background noteworthy accomplishments)
Functional skills, experience and expertise: (e.g., Sales, Strategic Planning, Project Management, Human Resources, Compensation Planning, etc.)
Targeted Industry Segments: (e.g., Healthcare, Manufacturing, Finance, etc.)
Characteristics of your Targeted Market: (e.g., Geographic Area, Company Size, Types of Products or Services, Non-Profit, Company Culture, etc.)
Targeted Employers: (Employers you want to initially focus on for your job search, plus addition companies you would consider. Rank from high to low)

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