Google for Jobs

Google for Jobs is a great job search tool, but it varies quite a bit from other job aggregators. For starters, it isn’t a separate site, but instead uses Google’s regular search site to find and display relevant job openings.

Job hunters can search for and apply to open positions directly from within Google search. Using its powerful search capabilities and drawing upon partnerships with other job search aggregators, it pulls job listings from a multitude of sources.

Using Google for Jobs is easy. Simply type a query into Google Search and it will generate a list of jobs that match your query. For example, you can enter “project manager job” in the Google search box to get a list of relevant job openings.

You can filter the job listing results to get increasingly relevant job opening lists by adding criteria such as location, industry, posting dates, and the like. In addition to the list of job openings, Google makes other information available, including published or typical salary information for the job.

Jobs for Veterans

Google is making it easier for veterans to find relevant employment. Transitioning military service personnel can enter their U.S. military occupational specialty code (MOS, AFSC, or NEC) into the job search bar and get results. Google will automatically return a list of civilian jobs that align with the skills veterans gained during their military service.

For example, from the Google search bar enter “Jobs for Veterans.” You will then be prompted to enter a MOS code which Google uses to present a list of relevant job openings. Military rank codes are also supported — for example, “11A” for Infantry Officer and “11B” for Infantryman will be differentiated.

Google Alerts

You may already be using Google Alerts for other purposes and it works equally well for your job search. With Google Alerts, you can receive an e-mail when relevant new job search data is added to Google’s search results. You simply enter the terms you want Google to monitor for you and it does the rest.

Since it’s a common practice for employers to do Internet searches on job applicants, it’s a good idea to add a Google Alert for your own name and any variations of your name that might be relevant. Doing so may give you an opportunity to clean up any blemishes in your online persona prior to applying for jobs.

Google Maps

Google Maps isn’t often mentioned as a job search tool, but it can be very useful in helping you find employers in a particular geographic area. For example, you can enter something like “consulting firms near Phoenix” and see a list of consulting firms in the Phoenix area.