Miscellaneous Resources

Here you'll find some additional tools and resources that didn't fit well in other categories.

Miscellaneous Resources

Learn More ... Military Transition: An overview of tips and strategies that will help job candidates capitalize on their military experience.

Learn More ... Pay Rate Calculator: There is a lot of variation in how rates of pay are quoted to job candidates. The calculator will convert a rate of pay to common pay period equivalents.

Learn More ... Using RSS Feeds: You can use RSS (Really Simple Syndication) Feeds to help automate portions of your job search. Learn about RSS and how to use it here.

Learn More ... Wellness and Stress Management: Understanding the importance of wellness and learning techniques for managing stress will help in your job search.

Some of the tools and resources are available for download. Visit the Forms/Downloads menu to download files to your personal computer. Also, if you would like more in-depth coverage of any of these topic or have suggestions for additional topics, we'd love to hear from you. Use the Feedback Form to send us your suggestions.