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There are a variety of Internet resources that can assist you in your job search. In the following categories, we've listed some of the most useful links. You are encouraged to explore and become familiar with these resources.

Tools and ResourcesThe following links will help in planning and executing your job search.

Learn More ... Company Research: A list of websites that will facilitate researching information about companies you may be interested in as prospective employers

Learn More ... Hot Links: A handy list of job search-related links that will put you in touch with useful tools and resources that can assist you in understanding your job market, industry trends, compensation and the like.

Learn More ... Internet Job Search Sites: A list of Internet job search sites that will be useful for posting your resume and searching for available job openings.

These tools supplement the Job Search eBook and other sections of this website. As you browse through the Job Search Tools and Resources, you'll find that you can access sub-menus using the either the menu system or via some built-in links (like those above) on each page. The method you use may vary depending on whether you use a touch screen, touch pad, mouse or other device.

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Quick Tip: The job interview is one of the most important aspects of a successful job search. Having a great resume, superior networking skills, an excellent work history, etc. can land you an interview, but failure to interview well can be a big setback. Prepare accordingly.