Cover Letter Template Three

Cover letter template using paragraphs

The following shows a cover letter template that uses short paragraphs to sell your qualifications for the job. You can copy the text below and paste it into your favorite word processor as a starting point, then modify it to meet your particular needs. You can combine the text or ideas from multiple templates into one that best meets your needs.

Your Name

Street Address

City, State, Zip

Work, Cell, or Home Phone

LinkedIn Profile Link (Optional)

Email Address


Date XX, 20XX


Contact Name

Contact Title and/or Department

Company Name

Street Address

City, State, Zip


Dear Mr. or Ms. :

Keep all paragraphs short (two-to-three sentences). In the first paragraph reference the position you are applying for and a line or two regarding why they should consider you for the open position.

Next, briefly describe what you have to offer. Relate your skills and abilities to the specific job. Add an accomplishment or two to highlight the value you would bring to the employer.

Conclude by thanking the employer for considering you. Provide any relevant information about plans you may have for following up on your application.


Your Name