Winning Words

Forms and other written documents are important components of any job search. Much of your initial job search will be conducted through the use of written words. You'll be preparing resumes, cover letters and thank-you notes, responding to job posting questionnaires, completing employment application forms, etc.

In many cases, the employer will get an initial impression, and perhaps the only impression, of you through the written words you use. This is why you must take the time to carefully evaluate the words you put down on paper and share with potential employers.

Winning Words

In this section, you'll find resources to help inspire better use of written and spoken words. Included are:

Learn More ...Action Words: A list of words that represent action or activities you may have undertaken in previous jobs.

Learn More ...Personal Characteristics: A list of words that can be used to describe personal characteristics you posses.

As you prepare your resume, cover letters, thank-you notes, etc., or prepare for a job interview, consider these words as possibilities for your use. These tools will probably bring to mind other words not included here, but just a relevant.