Jump Start Your Job Search

Personal Inventory and Planning

Personal Inventory and Job Search Planning: Create an inventory of your skills, experience and education. Then develop a plan to market, present and capitalize on your unique qualifications and expertise.

Job Market Research

Job Market Research: Gather information about career options, sources of job opportunities, and resources to help you with your job search. Learn about job search tools and support available to help you in your quest for a new job.

Resumes and Coverletters

Resumes and Cover Letters: Discover tools and techniques to create resumes that will help you get noticed by potential employers. Learn how to target your resume and cover letter to optimize the presentation of your skills and capabilities.

Job Search Networking

Job Search Networking: Understand techniques and opportunities for job search networking. Explore a variety of social networks and other electronic and in-person networking opportunities available to you.

Job Interview Preparation and Follow-Up

Interviewing and Thank-You Notes: Learn and practice job interview techniques. Understand the different types of interviews (screening, one-on-one, panel, etc.) and how to capitalize on each type. Know how to follow up with thank-you notes that help get you noticed.

When and What to Negotiate

Job Offer Negotiation: Understand how to evaluate a job offer and whether it makes sense to negotiate salary, benefits or other conditions of employment. Learn negotiation techniques that will help you get the best possible job offer.

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