Company Research Websites

Find information on up to 14 million U.S. businesses using the following links.

Part of demonstrating your value to an employer is your ability to convince them you are well-versed in the issues and trends that are important in your industry. Take the time to do a little research so you can talk about issues or concerns impacting the employers you will be targeting in your job search.

Also, during a job interview, it's common to be asked why you are interested in working for that particular organization. In response, you should be able to demonstrate knowledge about the organization and how you can contribute to its success.

The best place to start is to visit the websites of companies you want to target as part of your job search. While there, be sure to look for information about job opportunities. An employer’s job site is often their number one source of job candidates and many sites allow you to apply online.

You can find a lot of additional information via Internet searches, professional or trade associations, the Department of Labor (state and federal), libraries, and various other sources. Some of the top websites for company and industry information are:

Using Twitter, you can check out current job market trends by following business posts such as @BloombergNews, @Forbes, @HarvardBiz, and @TheEconomist. Connecting with people in your network can help you get additional real-life information and perspectives. A little creativity and research will help jump start your job search.