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Save money, reduce risk, manage unemployment compensation cost, enhance your brand, extend your services, and more. Whether you support employees, customers, or both, it's easy to expand your service portfolio and enhance your value proposition.

Overview Video

Ultra-outplacement isn't like traditional outplacement. Zero cost enables unlimited everyday use without incurring any cost. It's designed to be self-service and covers 100% of an organization’s workforce.

You can use it for any kind of career planning, employee transition, etc. regardless of position or any other factor. Plus, it can easily be bundled with other services, including one-on-one coaching (hire it out/do it yourself).

This flexibility enables organizations to use it for non-traditional purposes. For example, covering 100% of one's workforce regardless of position or reason for leaving, enables optimal savings in unemployment compensation cost (see below).

We make it easy for you and those you serve. Our zero-cost standard solutions are typically ready for use within 24 hours. And because it's a web portal, users simply login to access its content and features.

To make it even easer to get started, we provide you with sample announcements and handouts, as well as a descriptive video you can share. All of this is included at no cost.

If you prefer a more personalized look, take advantage of our branding and customization options. They include additional features, plus a stand-alone web portal that has a URL (web address) of your choice. This gives you the look and feel of an in-house solution. Click the following link to compare our versions and cost.

The Job Hunter Pro Advantage

Differentiators for Broader Coverage and Better Outcomes

    For less than some people pay for coffee each month you can cover your entire workforce.
    Branded versions ... less than coffee
  1. All levels of employees are covered, and for as long as our customers want. Flexible learning paths accommodate varied levels of job search and interview knowledge or experience.
  2. Our modular design makes content modifications so easy, we can do it on the fly during a solution demo.
  3. Role-based content for our customized solutions enables end-users to see unique content based upon their login credentials.

Low Cost Branding and Customization Available

When it comes to content, tools, and features, we rise to the top of the class. Whether you choose zero cost or branded versions, you get unmatched benefits, and value.

We love to show off by providing demos of our live ultra-outplacement/transition services portals. We especially love doing back-to-back comparisons with other solution providers. It's a great way for you to compare and see how the value of our approach will let you stand out from the crowd.

Contact us for a quick tour and see for yourself.

Ultra-Outplacement and Transition Services Return on Investment (ROI)

Have Coverage Gaps in an Existing Plan?

The time has come to make outplacement and transition services a standard employee benefit. Contact us today to get started. You'll be pleasantly surprised at how fast and easy it is to add significant value to your services portfolio.

*A web portal is a specially designed website that encapsulates diverse information and resources in a cohesive and uniform way.