Ultra-outplacement Portals* — Outplacement, transition, separation, and more

Use it like you own it ... anyone, any reason, any time. anywhere (100+ uses)

Employers, HR Service Providers, Staffing, Payroll, PEO, Benefit Brokers, More

We provide zero cost and branded outplacement solutions to any organization wanting to offer it to their workforce. It takes the form of an easy to use and self-contained web portal.

The solution is a much broader form of outplacement called ultra-outplacement. It’s designed to be 100% self-service, but can easily be bundled with one-on-one coaching (hire it out/do it yourself). More importantly, it covers 100% of an organization’s workforce, regardless of position or reason for leaving.

Because it’s zero cost, cloud-based, and has the ability to be 100% self-service, any organization can use it without adding to their overhead or support structure. Its design and flexibility enable 100+ everyday uses.

Low Cost Branding and Customization Available

With a Job Hunter Pro ultra-outplacement portal, it will be like owning your own outplacement firm. Zero cost lets you freely decide who, what, why, when, and how long your users are covered. It opens up new opportunities for cost containment, managing unemployment compensation, reducing employment-related risk, and a lot more.

We make it easy for you and those you serve. Our zero-cost standard solutions are typically ready for use within 24 hours. And because it's a web portal, users simply login to access its content and features. Ultra-outplacement portals can be 100% self-service, or you can choose to include coaching services.

If you prefer a branded portal for a more personalized look, take advantage of our branding and customization options. They include additional features, plus a stand-alone web portal that has a URL (web address) of your choice. This gives you the look and feel of an in-house solution. Click the following link to compare our versions and cost.

The Job Hunter Pro Advantage

Important Differentiators That Let You Target User Needs and Outcomes

  1. It won't be obvious until you see a demo, but our combination of quality, service, and price cannot be beat. Because there's nothing better than back-to-back demos with multiple vendors to see the difference, we love to be compared.
  2. For less than some people pay for coffee each month you can cover your entire workforce.
    Branded versions ... less than coffee
    Universal Coverage, Universal Affordability, Universal Benefit
  3. On-demand outplacement means you can use it for any employee, for any reason, and at any time — all without incurring any additional cost. Yup, you read it right, 24/7/365 access at zero-cost, or for a small monthly rate if you choose a branded or custom solution.
  4. Our business model enables us to offer branded and customized outplacement to organizations on a ultra-low subscription basis. For fans of fee-for-service, that is also an option.
  5. All levels of employees are covered, and for as long as our customers want — all for zero-cost, or a small flat rate subscription payment for branded/custom solutions. Flexible learning paths accommodate varied levels of job search and interview knowledge and experience.
  6. Our modular design makes content modifications so easy, we can do it on the fly during a solution demo.
  7. Role-based content for our customized solutions enables end-users to see unique content based upon their login credentials.

When it comes to content, tools, features, benefits, and value, we rise to the top of the class. We love to show off by providing demos of our live ultra-outplacement/transition services portals. We especially love doing back-to-back comparisons with other solution providers. It's a great way for you to compare and see how the value of our approach lets us stand out from the crowd. Contact us for a demo and see for yourself.

Have Coverage Gaps in an Existing Plan?

Ultra-Outplacement and Transition Services Return on Investment (ROI)

It's amazing how many uses there are for outplacement when you have 100% employee coverage and cost is no longer a concern.

There are many factors that go into the calculation of return on investment. The ROI includes social, financial, and operational considerations.

The ROI concept ultra-outplacement is simple. Just as wellness programs, exercise and diet can help people stay well, job search, resume, interviewing and related skills can help people get and stay employed. Because Job Hunter Pro's ultra-outplacement services cover your entire workforce, it has ROI potential that is miles ahead of what traditional plans provide.

By helping displaced employees get reemployed, organizations …

  • gain recognition for being socially responsible
  • help avoid and mitigate discrimination or other retaliatory claims by displaced employees
  • reduce unemployment compensation costs
  • enhance their reputation among remaining employees as an employer that cares
  • add to a feeling of fairness by covering all levels of employees
  • provide valuable services and enhance morale without incurring additional HR overhead or infrastructure
  • add a low cost/high value service to their employee benefit offerings

HCM Targeted Market Capabilities

Helping displaced employees is an important mission for socially responsible organizations. With Job Hunter Pro, employers and HCM service providers demonstrate that commitment to employees ... our solutions do the rest.

Food for Thought: Considering the value of outplacement to employees, employers, and society as a whole, why do so many outplacement firms (us included) feel compelled to provide a definition of outplacement on their websites? We think outplacement is one of the most misunderstood, narrowly defined, and underused employee benefits on the market. By bringing high quality ultra-outplacement to the masses, we hope to dramatically change that situation.

We'd love to have you join us in our quest. You can do so for zero-cost, and there's no contracts or any other silly requirements. Take a few minutes to view a demo and see first-hand the value you can bring to those you serve.

The time has come to make outplacement a standard employee benefit. After seeing a demo, we think you'll agree that ultra-outplacement is one of the most flexible and affordable benefits on the market. Contact us today to get started. You'll be pleasantly surprised at how fast and easy it is to add significant value to your core services portfolio.

*A web portal is a specially designed website that encapsulates diverse information and resources in a cohesive and uniform way.