Factors that Impact Outplacement Value and ROI

Targeting User Needs and Achieving Desired Outcomes — Nothing Does it Better than Ultra-Outplacement

We love to be compared feature-by-feature with other firms in demos, but we also have lots of unique features that could be overlooked in a typical checklist evaluation.

Typical Traditional Outplacement vs. Job Hunter Pro's Ultra-outplacement

Feature/Benefit Traditional/Virtual Job Hunter Pro
Cost per Employee: $500 - $2,500+ based on job level of covered employees $0 standard, $99/mo. if branded (covers entire workforce)
Cost for 10 Employees: $5,000 - $25,000 (depends on EE mix) $0 standard, $99/mo. if branded
Cost for 100 Employees: $50,000 - $250,000 (depends on EE mix) $0 standard, $99/mo. if branded
Cost for 1,000 Employees: $500,000 - $2,500,000 (may discount) $0 standard, $99/mo. if branded
Cost to Add Addition Employees: Standard cost per employee $0 to add employees
One-on-One Coaching: Yes, typically included in above pricing Optional, can use any provider, around 90% less if used
Customization of Portal:* N/A to slight Broad capabilities are built in
Branding of Portal: N/A to slight Yes, separate portal, more features, $99/mo.
"White Label" Custom Option: N/A Yes, includes highly customizable web portal
Customer-Specific Website (URL): N/A Yes, included with branding and customized
Utilization of Services: Episodic (typically for layoffs) On-demand for separations, transitions, anything else  (101 uses, 24/7)
Employee Population Covered: Limited due to cost/budget constraints 100% of employee population (even "gig" and temp workers)
Term of Coverage: Some limits No limits
Unemployment Compensation Cost Containment: Limited (fewer covered employees) Optimal (covers 100% of employees regardless of reason for separation)
Risk Management Impact: Limited (fewer covered employees) Optimal (covers 100% of employees)
Return-On-Investment (ROI): Good Absolute best
Availability for Use: Must be scheduled and set up On-demand instant coverage
Level of Employees Covered: Usually profession and management staff All, regardless of position or title
Full Self-Service Option: N/A Yes, anyone, anytime, any reason
Self-Administration Option: N/A Yes, for content, users, and more
Nonprofit, Military Transition Support: May discount from standard rates $0 standard, includes extra features
Subscription Payment Option: N/A Yes, world's first, $99/mo. for branded version
Control: Mostly in the hands of the outplacement firm Mostly in the hands of the customer
Seasonal Employee Plan: N/A Yes, great for retail holiday staffing, etc.
Trigger Events: Typically a layoff Can be used for any purpose (101 uses)
Contract Requirements: Required No contract for standard solutions
Supplement Other Outplacement Plans: N/A Yes, at zero cost

Why choose Job Hunter Pro Ultra-Outplacement?

We'd like to think it's because of our brand, but 99% of the workforce can't name a single outplacement firm. That leaves it up to employers, HCM executives, HR service providers, staffing firms, and others to make the right choice.

Our mission is to bring outplacement to the masses. We hope the above differentiators will encourage decision-makers to join us in that quest.

Notes About What You Get: Our versions are 1) Zero-Cost Standard, 2) Branded, and 3) Customized/White Label.

Our zero-cost standard version is a comprehensive full-featured outplacement solution. Our branded and customized solutions include using your logo and organization name, a personalized welcome screen, additional content and features, and other touches. You also get a stand-alone website that has a unique web address (URL) of your choice. White Label/Customized versions can include modifications, unique content, and features according to your specifications. All of our solutions are designed to be 100% self-service, but can be bundled with one-on-one or group coaching. You have the option of having coaching services arranged through Job Hunter Pro, provided by a third party, or done by your own internal staff.

*A web portal is a specially designed website that encapsulates diverse information and resources in a cohesive and uniform way.