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Zero-Cost Standard Solutions — Robust, Fast, and Easy

Premium content with additional tools and resources is available to non-profits and organizations supporting transitioning military veterans. Contact us for access. There's no cost and no contract.

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Branding for a More Personalized Experience

Our branded solutions include using your logo and organization name, a personalized welcome screen, additional content and features, and other touches. Plus, you get a stand-alone website that has a unique web address (URL) of your choice. This gives you a powerful branding and service expansion opportunity. It's also perfect for HCM service providers wanting to develop new business or add a new source of revenue. Get a branded solution contained in a stand-alone website for $49/mo. (interview coach) or $99/mo. (ultra-outplacement/transition services). Given its low cost, you even have the option of paying via credit card.

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Customization for the Ultimate in Personalization

Customization, including "white label" capabilities, are available. Job Hunter Pro is elastic by design. Our technology and modular format make most customizations fast and inexpensive. Content and style can be added, deleted, or modified based upon your particular personalization needs. Included is a stand-alone custom website with a unique web address (URL) of your choice. If you have a special need or unique market segment, customization is a great choice.

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Augment Another Vendor's Solution at Zero Cost

Do you find yourself in love with your current vendor's outplacement solution, but realize you can't cover as many people as you'd like due to cost? Is your current solution limited to certain levels of employees, or is it focused on certain types of separations? These are common realities.

We know what it's like and we can help fill those gaps with our zero cost ultra-outplacement/transition services solution. You get the best of both worlds — you keep your current vendor, but also extend valued services to the rest of your workforce. Almost instantly, you will have expanded your services to cover 100% of your workforce, regardless of reason for separation, role, or any other limiting factor. Plus, you get all the added benefits associated with universal coverage such as optimal savings in unemployment compensation costs.

Bundle Solutions for Added Customer Benefit

Add even greater value to your portfolio of services by bundling multiple solutions. Our zero-cost standard solutions are a great value and will likely meet all of your needs. But for those who want more personalization or have unique requirements, we offer special pricing when you bundle branded or customized versions of our outplacement/transition services with our job interview coaching solution. Contact us for details.

We are serious about our focus on social responsibility. Bringing outplacement to the masses and helping people get and stay employed is in our DNA. We will go out of our way to make our solutions so attractive that you can't resist adding them to your service offerings.

Getting started is easy and more than likely, our zero-cost options will be a perfect fit. See for yourself ... get a demo and discover how easy it is to be part of the solution. We'd love to have you as a partner in our quest.

Role-Based Content

This feature is available with our branded and customized solutions. The role-based content feature lets you seamlessly deliver unique content to your users based upon their login credentials; all within a single portal. It's like having two or more portals for slightly more than the cost of one. This is a great feature for organizations wanting to serve targeted content to specific user segments, e.g., management vs. non-management, unique market or client categories, etc. It's available with our branded and custom solutions.

For a small additional cost, you get the ability to decide which user segments see certain types of content or have access to specific features. Ask us to show you this feature during a demo and you'll instantly see lots of uses for this unique capability.

Subscription Option (or Fee-for-Service)

We're proud about being the world's first to offer subscription-based outplacement and transition services. Like Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, and so many others, we're strong proponents of the subscription payment model. Of course, it doesn't hurt that it's the most common model for other employee benefits.

Used for our branded and customized ultra-outplacement and interview coaching solutions, the subscription model is our lowest cost option. It allows us to spread our already low costs among large numbers of clients. Things like billing, controlling user utilization, and a bunch of other infrastructure requirements shrink, which results in even lower costs. It also helps that Job Hunter Pro has always had a hyper low-cost virtual business model. No "bricks and mortar" for us ... those costs would have to be passed on to customers and that would be a bad thing.

The subscription option gives you unlimited on-demand services. It's easy, inexpensive, and puts you in charge of how, when, and why you use services. It also makes budgeting a snap.

When you learn about the cost savings and benefits of our subscription option, we think you'll be a proponent as well. However, if you're a fan of fee-for-service, we can charge for our solutions on that basis and still save you lots of money.

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Learn More ...Nonprofit and Military Veteran Support Organizations

Nonprofit Organizations

An important part of our business philosophy is to give back to the communities we serve. Bringing outplacement to the masses is a component of that philosophy. If you're a 501(c) organization, e.g., operated for charitable, religious, education, scientific, or similar purposes, we have a premium self-service outplacement/transition services program that provides unlimited access at no cost.

This is a full-featured program that should be considered a must for any nonprofit wanting to help people (internal or external) get and stay employed. It includes features that help contain unemployment compensation costs, mitigate risk, and contribute to an organization's commitment to social responsibility.

The self-service plan can be bundled with one-on-one job search counseling at very low rates. If you prefer, these services can be provided internally or via a third-party of your choice. You get the ultimate in flexibility.

Military Veterans Transitioning to the Civilian Workforce

Veterans are recognized for many positive traits, including leadership, teamwork, technical savvy, discipline, and ability to perform under pressure. Most of the skills developed in the military can readily carry over to duties and responsibilities in the civilian sector. Understanding cultural and administrative differences can make the transition much easier.

Job Hunter Pro has developed tools and resources to help veterans translate their military education and training to civilian equivalents so they can capitalize on their military accomplishments. At zero cost, organizations supporting veterans can use a special premium edition of Job Hunter Pro's transition services tools in order to help prepare veterans for the job search challenges ahead. For those wanting to personalize our solution, low cost branding and customization are also available.

Job Hunter Pro is headquartered in San Diego, CA, which has a large military presence. This is just one of the ways we give back to the communities we serve.

Learn More ...Seasonal Employee Cost Containment and Support

Seasonal Employees — Cost Containment and More

Gain a competitive hiring advantage, reduce unemployment costs, and enhance your brand. You get these benefits because Job Hunter Pro's ultra-outplacement/transition services program covers 100% of your separating employees, regardless of position or reason for leaving ... all at little or no cost. You can't lose.

Outplacement for seasonal and other short-term employees can help you create customer loyalty and achieve significant bottom-line savings. Organizations in the retail sector can gain the most, but the strategy applies to any organization hiring significant numbers of short-term employees

As a retailer, you value your seasonal employees as service providers, ambassadors, and future customers. When their employment ends, you want them to have positive feelings about your organization and your brand. Indeed, having a reputation as a caring employer is a key ingredient of a successful human capital and business strategy.

The retail industry annually adds between 600,000 and 900,000 seasonal employees during the holiday shopping season. This adds up to a lot of potential future customers and employees. It can also add up to a lot of unemployment compensation costs for those whose employment is terminated.

An Outplacement Program Designed for the Retail Sector

Having had HR experience in the retail sector, we know what it's like to work through the seasonal hiring cycle. We recognize some seasonal employees are students or people simply looking to supplement their income during the holidays. But we also know many are like any other person who becomes unemployed or under-employed. They want help finding a good job.

This unique demographic requires a totally new approach to outplacement. One that looks at all these variables and is structured accordingly ... a program that benefits employer and employee alike. Job Hunter Pro will help in attracting seasonal employees, and in reducing unemployment compensation costs when they leave.

Helping people get and stay employed is good for business and it's good for the economy. It's fits well with any organization's goals that support social responsibility.

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Self-Service for the Digital Generations

Self-service models fit very well with most service, business development, and cost management strategies. Solutions that are 100% self-service offer the ultimate in easy and cost-effective HCM services. The content, tools, and options are similar to full-service solutions, but whether you include or offer one-on-one support services is up to you.

Employee self-service has become a popular and increasingly expected feature among employees. A recent survey by Paychex, Inc. (approximately 650,000 clients) reported that seventy-one percent of employees agree that they expect employers to provide them with a high level of employee self-service that allows them to accomplish various HR tasks on their own.

Advantages of Our Self-Service Solutions

  • Lowest cost, but full featured content and tools
  • Universal coverage becomes easy for any size organization
  • Flexible design that's customizable and brandable for an optimal self-service experience
  • "Set and forget" simplicity for easy administration
  • Enables filling voids in other vendor's services resulting from cost barriers
  • Provides fast and easy employee access to needed services (24/7)
  • Popular among the "digital generations" accustomed to self-directed eLearning
  • Conducive to organizations providing supplemental coaching by internal staff or others
  • Optimal allocation of resources devoted to employee support
  • Easy to implement by those seeking to provide a new service or gain a new source of revenue
  • The fastest way to expand an HR services portfolio
  • Facilitates extending an organization's social responsibility profile at little or no cost
  • Paves the way for making outplacement and similar services a core employee benefit

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Full Service Options

For those wanting one-on-one job search coaching as part of their outplacement/transition services solution, there are multiple options. This gives you great flexibility.

  • Job Hunter Pro can arrange job search consulting services
  • You may select a third-party provider of consulting services
  • You may elect to provide consulting services by your own staff
  • You may select any combination of the above

Every organization has a unique employee population and not all have the same level of need for job search support. Job Hunter Pro has been designed with flexible learning paths in order to accommodate users at all levels of job search experience and from entry level to senior management.


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Business Development Strategies for any HR Service Provider

Whether you're a HRO, PEO, payroll company, RPO, career site, ASO, MSP, Staffing Firm, Association, Benefit Broker, COBRA Administrator, or HR Consultant, ultra-outplacement and transition services can work for you.

As an HR service provider, you are well-positioned to offer outplacement, transition, and staffing support services. It's a natural win/win fit for you and your customers. You gain an additional service offering and your customers enjoy the benefits, cost-savings, and ROI associated with valued HCM solutions.

Get As Close as Possible to the Origin of Customer Need

Few things give you a greater competitive advantage than being first to know about a need. Employee turnover (voluntary or otherwise) and changes in employee status (promotions, transfers, etc.) are the catalyst for recruiting efforts, benefit changes, and a host of other HR activities. Because it covers 100% of the workforce, ultra-outplacement and transition services get HR service providers as close as possible to the origin of such needs.

Enhance Your Value Proposition

Whether you have employees, customers, members, clients, partners, or other constituents, you can enhance your value proposition by adding outplacement and transition services to your service portfolio. Move beyond any preconceived notions you may have about the cost or complexity of outplacement services. We make implementation and strong ROIs easy.

Free Up Client Money for Other Services

HR service providers can substantially improve their clients' unemployment compensation experience ratings, thereby reducing SUTA/SUI taxes and saving them substantial amounts of money. Reducing a client's cost frees up cash for other valued products and services.

Expand Your Role as a Trusted HR Advisor

Most organizations already have an established relationship with an HR service provider. It's a natural fit and easy for established HR partners to extend new HR solutions to their clients. They also can take advantage of their economies-of-scale to bring unprecedented buying power and savings to their clients.

Click the link below for a copy of an article published on LinkedIn that provides more information about benefit brokers, HROs, PEOs, and staffing firms as outplacement providers. Most of the concepts equally apply to other types of HR service providers.

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Learn More ...Unemployment Cost Mitigation and Risk Management

Unemployment Compensation Costs and UC Tax Rates

UC laws are a bit confusing and vary from state-to-state, but essentially employees who worked for your organization during the first four of the last five calendar quarters (the base period), can create future charges against your account. For example, if they subsequently become unemployed and eligible for UC benefits, your account can be charged for a prorated portion of those benefits. This is so regardless of whether you were their last employer of record. Further, it means even employees who voluntary separated from your organization can create UC liabilities for you.

That's why it is important to make outplacement available to 100% of your separating employees. With a Job Hunter Pro ultra-outplacement/transition services portal, it's an easy process. You simply give all separating employees information about their eligibility, how to login, and who to contact if they forget what you told them.

Since Job Hunter Pro's ultra-outplacement and transition services cover all separating employees, regardless of reason for leaving, it provides optimal support in reducing both the number and duration of UC claims. As a result, small organizations can potentially save thousands of dollars annually. Large organizations, payroll companies, HR service providers, and PEOs could save millions. While this is a significant benefit, there are lots of other benefits associated with outplacement services. We cover many of them elsewhere in this website.

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Risk Management

When employees feel they are being treated fairly and with respect, they are far less likely to initiate job-related claims against their employer. Although hard to quantify, this is an important consideration. A single workers' compensation, wrongful discharge, wage and hour, or discrimination claim, for example, can cost many thousands of dollars. If the claim involves a class of employees, it can easily cost millions. Preventing even a single claim can become quite meaningful.

The overall risk management concept is simple. Just as wellness programs, exercise, and diet can help people stay well, job search, resume, interviewing, and related skills help people get and stay employed. People with secure employment present far less risk to their employers. And because Job Hunter Pro covers 100% of your workforce, it has risk management ROI potential that is miles ahead of what traditional solutions provide.

For staffing companies, there are similar considerations. If your staffing company has a reputation for sending job candidates that come across in interviews as more poised and prepared than candidates sent from other staffing companies, what would that be worth in terms of future business development? The long-term risk associated with bad interview experiences is not trivial. Our job interview coaching tools can reduce that risk and improve recruiter productivity.

There are many factors that go into the calculation of return-on-investment for risk management strategies. While most people focus on the financial considerations, the ROI increasingly includes social and employer brand considerations.

Learn More ...Self-Administration Option for Real-Time Control

Self-Administration for Your Organization

All of our solutions make it fast and easy to add users, but Job Hunter Pro's custom solutions can include additional administrative tools. For example, you may elect the option of having administrative privileges which give you real-time management of content and user features. Capabilities available with this option include:

  • Login with administrative rights to access otherwise restricted sections or functions
  • Gain real-time capability to edit certain features and content
  • Add, edit, and delete user accounts in real time
  • Determine eligibility and length of coverage for user accounts
  • Manage what types of content users in various roles can access

This unique feature gives organizations the ability to exercise significant control over their Job Hunter Pro solutions.