Unemployment Compensation Cost-Saving Estimates

Unemployment Compensation is a Major, but Controllable, HR-Related Cost

Unemployment compensation (UC) is a big expense for any size employer, and even voluntary separations can result in liability. Nothing reduces UC costs more than rapid reemployment of separating employees. Shorter terms of unemployment result in a better UC experience rating, thereby reducing an organization's UC tax or reimbursement rate.

Traditional outplacement typically covers less than 2% of workforce separations. Job Hunter Pro covers 100% for optimal UC cost control.

Enter your organization's data into the UC Outplacement Impact Estimator below. You'll then be presented with a table and narrative of your cost-saving potential. Enter several scenarios to see a range of possibilities. When it comes to bottom line contributions, you'll discover it's strategic HR at its best. And this is just one of many ways you can benefit.

Unemployment Compensation Outplacement Impact Estimator

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