Job Hunter Pro Web Portals — User Login Information

We provide standard and customized website portals designed to help displaced and transitioning employees make career choices and get new jobs. Your sponsoring organization can provide you with the appropriate web address and login information.

If you don't remember the web address (URL) of one of our standard web portals, you can find it below. Simply copy and paste the applicable URL into your browser. For convenience, you can also click the related link to visit the website. Once there, you may want to add the site to your browser "favorites."

Note: If we created a custom website for your sponsoring organization, they have a unique web address, hence the following links will not take you to the correct website. Please contact your sponsoring organization for website address and login information.

Link to Our Free Outplacement Web Portal

Learn More ... Outplacement Services Portal (Free): This portal provides tools and resources for career planning and job search. There's no registration or login required. It's available to individuals and organizations alike.
Link Address:

Links to Premium Web Portals

Learn More ... Job Interview Support Portal: This portal provides tools and resources to help you prepare for a job interview.
Link Address:

Learn More ... Transition Services Portal: This portal is primarily for nonprofit and military veteran support organizations.
Link Address:

Premium and custom portals are available to organizations. Please contact your sponsoring organization for the web address and login information for custom portals.

Individual Job Hunters

If you're not already covered for outplacement/transition services, simply ask your current or past employer to contact us and we'll set them up with a zero-cost or premium solution that will cover you. Typically, this takes less than 24 hours and there are no contracts. It's a win/win situation that couldn't be easier. In the meantime, please utilize our free outplacement portal listed above.

Note: The terms "outplacement" and "transition services" are often used interchangeably. While the login pages may look the same, there are some differences in content and tools between our Outplacement and Transitions portals. Your sponsoring organization has selected a solution based upon best fit.

Some organizations have elected custom and branded solutions. Each of these organizations has a unique website address (URL) for their custom portal. Contact the sponsoring organization for website address and login details.