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What We Do

Job Hunter Pro provides zero- and low-cost solutions to employers and others who support displaced, transitioning and job seeking employees. Our solutions are designed to be “win/win” with built-in HCM cost containment and risk management capabilities.

The creative use of modern technology, embracing a virtual business model, and focusing on user needs enables us to provide amazing quality at little or no cost to our customers. All of our solutions are ultra-flexible and have a focus on socially responsible outcomes.

With universal coverage, universal affordability, and universal benefit, we provide best ROI in the industry. Offering options such as branding, customization, employee self-service, and subscription payment models enables ultra-flexible use cases for any employer or HR service provider.

We aren't trying to compete with outplacement firms, HROs, or anyone else. Nor are we trying to be an industry disruptor. We have a different mission. We want to bring outplacement, transition, job interview, and related services to the masses.

While we can't be all things to all people, we hope that the types and affordability of the solutions we provide will eventually enable them to become a part of every employer's and HR service provider's core services offering.

Our Team

We are seasoned human resources and line managers who have spent many years developing, utilizing, and sharing job search knowledge. Involved nationally in the HR business, we started marketing our first products in the early 1990s.

Our primary location is San Diego, CA, but we're national in scope. Our virtual team extends from Portland in the northwest to Atlanta in the southeast. We are passionate about our virtual business model because "brick and mortar" expenses must be passed on to customers and that would detract from our mission.

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Universal CoverageUniversal AffordabilityUniversal Benefit

Note: For many years, Job Hunter Pro operated under the umbrella of Eptiva, LLC. In order to give greater clarity to our business, we transitioned our core business name from Eptiva, LLC to Job Hunter Pro.

The Need

Approximately 5.6 million total separations (including layoffs and discharges) occur each month according to the U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics. Layoffs and discharges alone run around 1.7 million per month, and the average duration of unemployment is around 20 weeks. When the business outlook and stock market falter, those numbers can rise significantly. The emotional and economic strain on those affected can be devastating.

We believe 100% of the workforce should have easy access to outplacement, interview, and related services, regardless of reason for separation or any other factor. To do this, cost cannot be a barrier. It also means new "win/win" delivery models must be made available to employers, HR service providers, and others who share a belief that helping people get and stay employed is a worthy and socially responsible strategy.

Job Hunter Pro About UsSocial Responsibility in Action

Social responsibility is important to us and we support the communities we serve. Qualified organizations, including nonprofits, social service organizations, charities, those supporting transitioning military veterans, and the like, are eligible to use a Job Hunter Pro premium solution at no cost.

We are happy to partner with other HR service providers to extend the reach of our charter. If positively impacting the lives of displaced or transitioning employees is important to you, we may be able to work together toward that common goal.

Zero-Cost Solutions — Getting Started is Easy

Once you've decided which of our standard zero-cost solutions you want, there are two steps to complete the process.

Step One: Tell us who you are.

Step Two: We give you login credentials.

It's Easy for Users Too

Step One: You give them login information.

Step Two: They login.

Give us a call or use the Contact Form below to schedule a demo. You can then start offering a valued new service right away ... often the same day.

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