Outplacement by Subscription

Subscription Options

Subscription-based solutions enable organizations to pay a flat monthly rate for coverage. That rate does not vary based upon fluctuations in the volume of users. Services are defined up front and the organization gets a solution that is set up and ready to go whenever their employees or clients need it. Think of it as solutions on-demand because it puts you in charge of who, what, when, where, and how long. It's ideal for organizations wanting to capitalize on the benefits of HR shared services. It optionally allows for seamless tracking of users according to their business unit.

In essence, the employer is paying for the availability of services. They are not paying for coverage of any particular employee, group of employees, or client. That's why the organization may freely decide who and how many employees receive services. The organization decides how long they maintain coverage and may stop coverage at any time. It's universal coverage that provides organizations with optimum flexibility and cost control.

The cost-containment potential will be pretty clear to most HR executives. They know it is generally far more cost-effective to pay monthly premiums than to pay for episodic events as they occur. It is also far easier to budget. In much the same way organizations pay monthly premiums for medical, dental, life, disability and similar employee benefits, they would pay monthly premiums for outplacement, transition, or staffing support services. In fact, you may find that Job Hunter Pro has already been added to the portfolio of services offered by your favorite benefits broker, HRO, or professional employer organization (PEO).

Why Choose Subscription-Based Services?

Abandon preconceived notions about outplacement and similar services. Subscription plans provide benefits and flexibility that are simply unavailable under traditional payment models. Here are some of the reasons subscription-based outplacement can be the right choice for your organization:

  • Structured Like Other Benefits: It provides 100% employee coverage and spreads risk to reduce cost.
  • Proactive HR: It's a strategic HR program for risk management and cost containment.
  • Lowest Cost: It's the lowest cost in the history of outplacement and transition services.
  • Reduced Unemployment Compensation Costs: In most cases, savings pay for outplacement services and provide a positive ROI.
  • Scalability: It enables economical scalability with protection against spikes in cost.
  • On-Demand: It provides on-demand access anytime, for any person and for any reason.
  • Social Responsibility: It's a program that demonstrates social responsibility and community support.
  • ROI: It gives you the best return-on-investment of any outplacement or transition services program in the industry.
  • Budgeting: It's the easiest to budget with low fixed monthly rates.
  • Ease-of-Use: Everything is ready-to-go up front for staffing, outplacement, and transition services support.
  • Coverage: Organizations decide who gets covered and for how long.
  • Available through Benefit Brokers, HROs, PEOs, Staffing Companies: You have the option of purchasing services through your current HR partner.
  • No Maintenance: Once set up, there is no maintenance or other requirement on behalf of the organization.
  • Less Stress: Deciding who gets covered is based on individual need; not on financial considerations.
  • More Control: You have more control over design, implementation, utilization, and cost.
  • An Employee Benefit: Career transition support is available whenever the need arises, regardless of reason for separation.
  • Duration of Services: You decide how many months of service you want to provide to your employees or clients.
  • Administrative Access: Since it's setup in advance, you have the option of self-administering certain features.


It's not uncommon to read about major corporations that are downsizing and laying off 10,000+ employees. To cover those employees under more traditional outplacement programs could cost millions. With Job Hunter Pro, CEOs and HR executives can go to their board of directors and demonstrate their social responsibility and cost consciousness by saving millions of dollars.

Getting Started is Fast and SimpleSubscription-Based Outplacement

Kicking things off is easy. Start with a Job Hunter Pro demo so you know exactly what you're getting. Then provide us with a few pieces of information so we can determine your monthly rate. That's it.

You may also find that Job Hunter Pro is offered through your current employee benefit broker, HRO, Professional Employer Organization (PEO) or staffing firm. If so, this gives you the option of working with a familiar and trusted advisor. Plus, their buying power and economies of scale may result in even bigger savings.

Managing Variations in Utilization

Employee separations fluctuate for a variety of reasons; many of them unexpected. Because of this, subscription-based outplacement may be especially attractive. Just like health or life insurance, you hope you don't need it, but it's always there (on-demand) when the need arises.

You may be thinking "what if outplacement or staffing utilization is significantly higher than expected? Isn't the solution provider going to object to the higher-than-expected services they have to provide?" The answer is no, and here's why:

  • Much like life, health or dental plans, utilization tends to level out over time.
  • Our solutions are designed for scalability; especially from a technology perspective.
  • Support services tend to be spread out over time and among multiple customers.
  • Just as some organizations will experience higher-than-normal utilization, others will experience less.
  • Subscription-based solutions are designed to be available as needed. On-demand availability is built into their core.

Are there Differences in Content or Services Between Payment Models?

No. The content and support services for "per-user" and "subscription-based" options are identical.

Does it Really Save that Much Money?

Yes. We're confident you'll be amazed. It can even pay for itself.


Want to Know More?

Give us a call or request a demo. When it comes to judging quality, there is nothing better than back-to-back demos of the "real thing." WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) takes most of the guess-work out of the vendor selection process.