Get a 100% self-service solution for the ultimate in cost-effective outplacement services

Value from Adaptive Outplacement

Our Lowest Cost Outplacement Services Option

The essence of our self-service outplacement is it does not include the employer-paid job coaching component. There are times when an employer wants to help their separating employers but budgets are so tight that outplacement seems out of the question. There are other times when the demographics of the employee population are such that one-on-one job search coaching becomes a secondary consideration.

Job Search Needs VaryWhile we encourage including job search coaching as part of an outplacement services program, we recognize that business realities don't always allow that option. Clearly, it is better to provide some form of outplacement services than none at all.

Every employer has a unique employee population and not all have the same level of need for job search support services. Job Hunter Pro has been designed to provide flexible learning paths so that users can learn and apply job search skills throughout the job hunting process.

Our self-service option gives users access to the complete suite of adaptive outplacement content and tools. Users can also purchase job coaching services at discounted rates. Employers can choose to include customizations and branding or choose an unbranded solution. They can also choose between per-user and subscription-based outplacement.

Job Hunter Pro's self-service solution gives employers the ultimate low cost option. One-on-one job search coaching can be added at any time.

Advantages of Self-Service Outplacement Services

  • Lowest cost
  • "Set and forget" simplicity
  • Flexible design
  • Subscription option