We offer a low cost unbranded solution for those who don't want or need branding or customization

Unbranded Adaptive Solutions

Unbranded Services — Fast and Economical

Job Hunter Pro's unbranded solutions include all of the content and tools as our other plans. The only difference is there are no options for customization or branding. Things like the website logo, welcome letter and the like are generic in nature.

There are times when customers are looking for a ready-to-go solution. This may be the case when a company wants to offer outplacement, transition, or staffing support services immediately via a pre-established website. In other situations, the organization may be going out of business, changing their business model, etc. hence branding and customization are not important considerations.

Unbranded Outplacement Services AdvantageGetting started with an unbranded (generic) solution is super easy. All an employer has to do is provide us with the names of eligible users. That's it.

With our unbranded services, employers can still choose between per-user and subscription-based payment options. We provide quotes for both options to help you decide.

Users still enjoy all the content, features and benefits of our core products. They can also take advantage of any other supplemental services they may be eligible for such as one-on-one job coaching.

Advantages of Unbranded Services

  • Immediate availability
  • Easy - no customization of content, tools or other features
  • No special setup means lower cost

Branded Services

Branded solutions give you options for virtually any branding options ... from something as simple as adding your logo and organization name to full "white label" implementations that are indistinguishable from an application you may have developed in-house.

With a branded solution, you get a custom website that is separate and distinct. It can even include a unique website address (URL) of your choice. This gives you a unique and powerful branding opportunity.

Because of our technology and modular design, branding is fast and inexpensive. If you can imagine it, we can do it.