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You don't have to be in the staffing and recruiting professions very long before you experience a situation where an otherwise qualified candidate didn't get a job offer because they failed to impress the interviewer. This can happen regardless of the profession or organizational level of the job candidate.

Talent acquisition professionals spend a lot of time sourcing, screening, preparing, scheduling, and following up on job candidates. It entails a significant investment in time and money. And when it doesn't go as planned, it impacts productivity, compensation, and bottom-line results. A single "saved" interview could easily pay for our solution ... read on.

Job Search Consulting Overview

If you consider the full live-cycle of a job search, it can be broken down into two primary components ... getting interviews and doing well in those interviews. Considering the implications of a poor job interview experience, one begins to grasp how important interview preparation can be. Yet we typically find that less time is spent preparing job candidates for the interview than is spent on other aspects of their job search.

It's understandable that talent acquisition professionals have little available time to prepare job candidates for their upcoming interviews. Among other things, there are far too many interview variables to cover them all.

Job Hunter Pro has addressed this need with a very affordable, yet comprehensive interview coaching program. It is cloud-based and self-service so implementation and use are a breeze. It also has flexible learning paths so experienced interviewees don't have to follow the same learning path that someone with less experience might follow.

Our interview coach portal contains a wide range of job interview content and tools. Here is a sampling:

  • Flexible learning paths to accommodate user needs
  • How to work with your recruiter
  • A job interview jump-start for those in a hurry or needing review
  • A job interview eBook for an in-depth look at the interview process
  • An interview trainer app with 500+ sample questions in 35 categories
  • All sample questions have hints about the interviewer's motives and how to address them
  • A sample job interview from start to finish
  • What to do before, during, and after the interview
  • Dealing with the unexpected (making presentations, video interviews, etc.)
  • Quick review topics for handling difficult issues, background concerns, etc.
  • Tools and forms covering everything from preparation to closure
  • Follow-up tasks, references, critiques, new job transition, etc.
  • Downloadable forms and more ...

There's lots more than listed above. Most users don't need to use all of the tools, but for those who do, it's readily available. If you consider the time and cost associated with a bad interview experience, the value of this tool will be evident. The best part is your team can start using our solution right away and all of the above is available for under $50/mo.

Have Special Needs?

We have built flexibility into Job Hunter Pro's interview coach. If you want custom branding, a "white label" edition, unique content, or other features, they are easy to add. We also have special pricing where you can bundle the Job Hunter Pro interview coach with our outplacement and transition services products. There are good reasons the world's largest staffing companies offer an outplacement solution. There are many client acquisition, retention, and revenue generating capabilities associated with outplacement and transition services in the recruiting and staffing industries. Give us a call to learn more.

Ready to Get Started?

Give us a call or use our contact form under the "Contact Us" menu. We typically start with a brief demo so you can see all of the tools and resources available to you. You can then decide upon any special features you might like. You'll find the process easy and quick, with no "hard sell." We let our solutions speak for themselves.




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