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Features, Benefits and Cost Considerations

The value of our HR products lies in four key areas: Content, Coaching, Cost, and Return on Investment (ROI). End users (separated employees) are most interested in Content and Coaching. Employers are also keenly interested in the Cost and ROI categories, including suitability for use as a shared services model, e.g., tracking and reporting by business unit. The ROI for HR services includes both social and financial considerations.

Proper comparison of these factors and all the sub-factors that go along with them, entails a due diligence process that is unbiased and thorough. As an example, we've created a downloadable infographic of a due diligence process that includes 40 factors to consider when selecting an outplacement firm. You may access it via the following link: Infographic: Selecting an Outplacement Firm. You can also visit our Feature Review for a more in-depth look at the features and benefits of our HR solutions.

It's also a good idea to understand the implementation process. Modern HR systems are very flexible. They give you lots of options for custom content, branding, company-specific features and the like. There's usually no added cost for customization. Out solutions are cloud-based, making implementation fast and easy.

Staffing Firms

Have you ever lost a placement because an otherwise qualified applicant failed to interview well? We have a solution for that. The Job Hunter Pro Interview Coach is a cloud-based application that covers the job interview process in detail. It walks users through every aspect of the interview process, and provides hundreds of sample questions broken down into categories for focused learning. Each question includes hints about what the interviewer is looking for when asking the question. Get a demo of the interview coach and the outplacement portal at the same time for optimal value.


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Start with a demo of our staffing and/or outplacement sites. Our demo sites are live sites. They showcase all of our content and features. We recommend back-to-back demos with two to three HR services vendors. Ask that each vendor demo a live site (what you see is what you get - "WYSIWYG"). It's the best way to judge quality and real ROI. As an aid in understanding the due diligence process, we've created a due diligence matrix that you are welcome to use for any outplacement product comparisons you make. You can access it via the following link: Outplacement Services Due Diligence Matrix


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