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About Job Hunter Pro - Highlights
  • Our Team
  • Our Philosophy
  • Our Approach
  • Our Results
  • Our Advantages

Our team is composed of highly experienced HR, employee benefit, PEO, and consulting professionals.

  • Former VPs and Directors of Human Resources
  • All with 10+ Years of related Experience
  • Past Presidents of HR Associations
  • Job Search-Related Content Experts
  • Benefit Experts, Brokers, PEO, and ASO Partners
  • Extensive Recruiting and Hiring Experience
  • Multi-industry Expertise and Backgrounds
  • Fortune 500 Consulting Expertise

We believe high quality HR services should be affordable and available to all levels of employees.

  • Optimal ROI Requires 100% Employee Coverage
  • High Quality Staff Produce High Quality Results
  • Cost is Not an Indicator of Quality Services
  • End-User Needs Drive Content and Support
  • Pay Attention to Evolving User Preferences
  • Steer Clear of Marketing Hype - Embrace Transparency
  • The Customer Knows Best - Listen to Them
  • Don't Add Overhead That Doesn't Add Value

We focus on quality content and services. Customers don't pay for things they don't need or their employees won't use.

  • View everything from the customer's perspective
  • If it doesn't add to customer value, don't do it
  • Avoid overhead because it's a cost pass-through
  • Create superior content that engages users
  • Make content and coaching relevant to user needs
  • Time matters - provide on-demand support
  • Build in flexibility for easy customization
  • Cost impacts customer ROI so keep it low

Ultimately, results depend upon how customers perceive the value we deliver. Here's what customers want and get.

  • Best-in-class content and tools
  • Superior coaching services that are timely and relevant
  • Cost, value, and ROI that sets the industry standard
  • Super responsive customer support
  • Adaptive solutions that put customers in charge
  • Fastest and most flexible customizations
  • Full device and browser independence
  • Subscription-based option for cost and budget control

Our advantages are a result of our quality staff, business model, operating philosophy, and strong customer focus.

  • Best content from years of experience and development
  • Subscription-based for lowest cost
  • Superior job search coaching by experienced staff
  • Adaptive solutions for fast customizations
  • Partner with brokers, HROs, ASOs, and PEOs
  • Super fast implementations and support services
  • Flexible, personalized and interactive content
  • Over 50 tools and job search resources
FAQ About Job Hunter Pro
We'd be surprised if another HR services firm could beat our cost; but real cost includes the quality of content, tools and services. We excel on all counts.
Our subscription model is structured like other employee benefits making it an affordable core benefit. And because it mirrors the coverage and financing model of other employee benefits, we provide the option of purchasing Job Hunter Pro through your existing employee benefit broker, PEO, ASO or professional association. This gives employers the comfort of working with a familiar and trusted advisor. Also, since our subscription option can cover 100% of the workforce, regardless of reason for separation, it provides the best possible savings in unemployment compensation costs.
Our outplacement coaches are highly experienced HR and job search experts. They have been on both sides of the recruiting and hiring fence. They have real world experience that matters. Our staffing solution is comprehensive and does not require coaching services.
Job Hunter Pro by subscription means we agree on a fixed monthly rate for services, regardless of actual volume. It's very similar to the way other employee benefits are structured. It spreads risk, thereby reducing cost. Because the solution infrastructure is implemented up-front, it's ready whenever you are. It puts you in control and saves you a lot of money.
We love to be compared with others. There is no better way to judge the quality of an outplacement or staffing services provider than by direct comparison. It enables you to filter out marketing hype from reality. Besides, we believe we provide the best HR services value in the industry and we are super confident in our ability to prove it.

More About Job Hunter Pro

First and foremost, we're an HR service company. Helping displaced employees find jobs is our focus. But our charter is distinctly different than that of most HR firms.

We want to transform the HR industry by making outplacement and staffing support so affordable that they will become a part of every employer's standard employee benefit package. We think of it as socially responsible HR because all displaced employees can benefit from job search and interviewing support.

Our transformational HR services capitalize on the latest technology, eLearning trends, and quality coaching to meet the needs of today's job hunters. Adaptive capabilities and our subscription-based option enable superior quality and ground-breaking reductions in cost.


Our founders are seasoned human resources and line managers who have spent years developing and sharing job search knowledge. Involved nationally in the HR business, we started marketing our first products in the early 1990s. As the Internet evolved, we recognized an opportunity to make a difference in the way outplacement services were delivered. Job Hunter Pro is the result of that undertaking.

Our primary location is in San Diego, CA, but we're national in scope. We'd love to show you how innovation, flexibility and low cost can transform how you view HR services.


Note: For many years, Job Hunter Pro has been operating under the umbrella of Eptiva, LLC. In order to give greater clarity to our business, we are transitioning our core business name from Eptiva to Job Hunter Pro.



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