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We're an HR services company and helping displaced employees find jobs is our focus. But our charter is distinctly different than that of most outplacement, transition services, and recruitment support firms.

We want to transform our industry by making services so affordable that they will become a part of every employer's and recruiters' standard support package. We think of it as being socially responsible because all displaced employees can benefit from job search support.

We are happy to partner with other HR service providers to extend the reach of our charter. PEOs, HROs, benefit and recruiting companies, and similar organizations have the ability positively impact our industry and the thousands of displaced employees who can benefit from their services.

Job Hunter Pro About UsOur transformational services capitalize on the latest technology, eLearning trends, and quality coaching to meet the needs of today's job hunters. Adaptive capabilities and our subscription-based option enable superior quality and ground-breaking reductions in cost. Our job interview support tools can produce almost immediate savings.


Our founders are seasoned human resources and line managers who have spent years developing and sharing job search knowledge. Involved nationally in the HR business, we started marketing our first products in the early 1990s.

Our primary location is in San Diego, CA, but we're national in scope. While we have staff spread out from Portland in the northwest to Atlanta in the southeast, most of our operation is virtual. We don't have "brick and mortar" offices because we'd have to pass those costs to our customers. If the cost of something doesn't contribute directly to the needs of our end users, we don't take on that cost.

Social Responsibility in Action

As mentioned above, social responsibility is important to us and we want to support the communities we serve. Qualified organizations, including not-for-profits, social service organizations, charities, those supporting military veterans, and the like, may be eligible to use Job Hunter Pro solutions at no cost. Contact us to get started.

We'd love to show you how innovation, flexibility and low cost can transform how you view and deliver HR services.


Note: For many years, Job Hunter Pro operated under the umbrella of Eptiva, LLC. In order to give greater clarity to our business, we've transitioned our core business name from Eptiva, LLC to Job Hunter Pro.


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