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Self Administration for Your Organization

Have you ever wished you had total control over utilization of your HR programs.  With Job Hunter Pro, you have the option of being assigned administrative privileges over various parts of our solutions. This means you can:

  • Login with administrative rights for real-time management
  • Add and delete user accounts
  • Determine eligibility and length of coverage for user accounts
  • Manage what types of content users in various roles can access

Quality ContentIf you choose, you'll no longer be dependent upon a third party for management of users and various features of your solutions.  You can add and delete users at will, regardless of a user's reason for separation or status as a job candidate. You can easily add or delete users ad hoc, or in batches.

This unique feature gives organizations an option to exercise significant control over their Job Hunter Pro solutions. Contact us for details.

Please let us know if you have any question or would like to schedule a demo. In our demo, we use a live web portal. During the demo, we can show you how quickly we can add, delete or modify content. We'll even let you decide on the changes you want us to make.