A relationship-building strategy for the retail sector that enhances brand and customer loyalty


Helping Seasonal Employees and Reducing Unemployment Cost

A Unique Program for a Unique Need

As a retailer, you value your seasonal employees as service providers, ambassadors, and future customers. When their employment ends, you want them to have positive feelings about your organization and your brand. Indeed, having a reputation as a caring employer is a key ingredient of a successful human capital and business strategy.

Retailers annually add between 600,000 and 800,000 seasonal employees during the holiday shopping season. Some large department store chains end up hiring upwards of 80,000 seasonal workers. This adds up to a lot of potential future customers and employees.

Frequently Asked Questions

Abandon preconceived notions about outplacement. This is a unique program designed and priced accordingly. Get a quote and you'll be amazed.
We know the volume of seasonal employees in the retail sector varies substantially. Scalability that capitalizes on today's technology is built-in.
The demographics are clear to us. We have factored that into the design and cost for optimal employee and employer value.
We focus on benefits, flexibility, and value to give you optimum ROI. We take care of all the details so you can focus on business.
A simple spreadsheet will do. Subscription-based outplacement makes it easy. It's about as simple as anything gets.
No. It doesn't require any additional resources on your part. Just give us a list of eligible staff. We do the rest.
We can manage it store-by-store or via a master account. It's your choice. Subscription-based outplacement makes it easy.

An Outplacement Service Designed for the Retail Sector

Having had HR experience in the retail sector, we know what it's like to work through the seasonal hiring cycle. We understand the demographics and varied needs of seasonal employees.

We recognize some seasonal employees are students or people simply looking to supplement their income during the holidays. But we also know many are like any other person who becomes unemployed or under-employed. They want help finding a good job.

This unique demographic requires a totally new approach to outplacement. One that looks at all these variables and is structured and priced accordingly ... a program that benefits employer and employee alike.

Helping people get and stay employed is good for business and it's good for the economy. It's fits well with any organization's goals that support social responsibility.

A Simple and Affordable Solution — Here's What You Get

Start by abandoning any preconceived notions about outplacement services. When it comes to seasonal employees, old rules don't apply. You want simple and effective outplacement with almost no effort and almost no cost. No problem ... read on.

We have a special adaptive outplacement program by subscription that is designed specifically for the retail sector and its seasonal workforce. It enables high quality, worry-free outplacement at stunningly low rates. You'll be able to fulfill your goals for social responsibility, branding, and human capital management via a program that can be up and running in a matter of hours.

Your seasonal employees who are entering the job market after the holiday season get access to best-in-class outplacement, and do so with virtually no administrative effort on your part. The outplacement services can be 100% self-service, or we can bundle one-on-one job search coaching or any other support services you choose. It's fast and easy.

How is this Possible?

This is possible because of the benefits of adaptive outplacement services by subscription. You still get all the flexibility of our standard outplacement program, but the subscription basis enables virtually zero administration at a low fixed cost. It's as simple as it gets and super easy to implement; plus it's designed and priced for the retail sector's unique needs for seasonal employees.

All an employer has to do is to authorize its separating employees and direct them to a website link. When displaced employees login, they will see the employer's branding (logo, welcome letter, etc.) and have access to a wide range of sophisticated job search and interviewing tools. These tools and resources are designed to get them re-employed faster. They also bolster your brand and mitigate unemployment compensation expense.

Benefits to the Employer

By helping displaced seasonal employees jumpstart their job search, employers enjoy the following benefits:Outplacement for Seasonal Employees

  • Gain a public relations advantage as a socially responsible employer
  • Enhance their reputation for dealing fairly with employees
  • Help avoid discrimination or other retaliatory claims by displaced employees
  • Provide valuable services without incurring additional overhead or infrastructure
  • Enhance the retention of former employees as future customers
  • Establish a quality human resources program that can be adapted for other employee groups
  • Gain a recruiting tool and hiring advantage to facilitate acquiring better quality employees
  • Enhance loyalty and goodwill among former staff and their community of friends
  • Gain better acceptance, appreciation, and publicity via social networking sites
  • Create word-of-mouth brand loyalty among the employees' network of family and friends
  • Enhance public perceptions of the retail sector for having a positive working environment
  • Enrich employee perceptions regarding the benefits of working in the retail industry
  • Gain a recruiting tool for those seeking long-term employment (e.g., if we don't have a position for you after the holidays, we'll help you find work elsewhere)


Helping displaced employees get reemployed is an important mission for socially responsible organizations. With Job Hunter Pro, you demonstrate your commitment to employees ... Job Hunter Pro does the rest. It's intelligent business process outsourcing at its best.