Additional considerations in selecting an outplacement services firm ...

Adaptive Outplacement Selection Considerations


What's the Best Choice for Your Organization?

You don't have to work for an outplacement services firm to know what's best for your own organization. Users judge the quality of outplacement services by the Content and Coaching categories. Employers also look at the Cost and Compare categories because of their impact on social and financial ROI. Here are some considerations that will help you decide.

Users love online content. It's where they will spend the bulk of their job search time. Content must be relevant and comprehensive.
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Users expect on-demand consulting support from experts. Support must be easy to request, timely and competent in its delivery.
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The cost of outplacement services vary substantially. It's a function of the vendor's business model, overhead and profit margin.
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Comparing outplacement products is essential. There's no better way to judge quality. A due diligence process will help you choose.
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Our demo site is a live site. It showcases our content and features, and allows you to see first hand what your separated employees will experience . We recommend back-to-back demos with several outplacement services vendors. Ask that they demo a live site. Dig into the details and ask questions. It's the best way to judge the quality of outplacement services. There are a variety of checklists on the Internet that will help you compare outplacement firms. See our comprehensive due diligence matrix for an example. You can access it via the following link: Selecting an Outplacement Firm.

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