Use this handy checklist to evaluate 40 important considerations in the vendor selection process

Infographic: How to Select and Outplacement Firm

Infographic: How to Select an Outplacement Firm

The process of choosing an outplacement services firm is pretty straight forward, but a due diligence assessment is still important. Comparing outplacement services products typically focuses on content, coaching and cost. Combined, these three categories determine the overall value and ROI you get from an outplacement firm.

When it comes to judging quality, nothing works better than back-to-back demos from various vendors. It's good to have common criteria for judging each vendor and a checklist can be very helpful. During product demos, have each vendor demonstrate the features on your checklist and rate them accordingly.

The following graphic provides a handy reference for conducting your review. We have provided the graphic in JPG and PDF file formats for your convenience. You'll find the download links at the bottom of this webpage. Feel free to share the infographic with others.

Selecting an Outplacement Firm




Downloads — Selecting An Outplacement Firm

You may download either or both file types to help with your outplacement services selection process. The PDF version is a larger file that breaks the graphic into four standard-sized pages and is higher resolution. Feel free to share these files with others.

You can find additional information about things to consider when selecting an outplacement firm at the following link: Additional Selection Considerations





Selecting An Outplacement Firm.jpg Outplacement Firm Selection Process in JPG Format (Lower Resolution - 650 kb) Download
Selecting An Outplacement Firm.pdf Outplacement Firm Selection Process in PDF Format (Higher Resolution - 1604 kb) Download



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