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Getting Started with Adaptive Outplacement Services

Outplacement Services — Fast and Easy

Job Hunter Pro's adaptive outplacement services are fast and easy to implement. Just let us know your needs, choose a few options, and you're ready to go.

Getting Started is Easy

Four simple steps are all that's needed to get adaptive outplacement services started.

  • 1. Pick Your Product
  • 2. Pick Your Features
  • 3. Notify Your Employees
  • 4. Go Live

Pick Your ProductStart with our core adaptive outplacement product and ponder whether a traditional per-user or subscription-based outplacement model appeals to you. We quote prices for both models so you can choose the option works best from an economic perspective.

You may also want to explore options such as our unbranded, self-service or seasonal employee solutions.

Pick Your FeaturesChoose standard features as a default and modify anything you want as customized content. There is little or no cost for changes that give you a custom solution.

Examples of things you may want to consider include unique content for different levels of employees, design features such as your logo, an introduction or welcome letter, HR contact info, forms, or anything else you would like modified or added.

Notify Your EmployeesNotify your separating employees regarding their outplacement benefits. We can assist with the process and introduce them to the outplacement portal and the benefits they will receive.

We will provide you with sample communication materials you can use to discuss the workforce reduction and announce the availability of the outplacement services portal.

Go LiveYou're ready to go. It's that simple.

The whole process can be completed in as little as a day or two, depending upon the extent of custom changes you may want to make. We assign an account executive to support you throughout the process.

Enrolling new users is simple. A list of names and email addresses is all we need. We email users a welcome letter with their login information.

Implementation Process

Implementation is a straight-forward and easy process. We walk you through each step.

We start by walking your through customizations you may want to consider. In many cases, our core product is all you'll need. However, you may be interested in adding some custom content, modifying or removing some existing content, establishing role-based access, adding some custom branding and the like.
We typically set up a custom web address (URL) and then add your company logo and other branding features to your outplacement services portal. However; you may also choose an unbranded solution. You provide us with any new content, graphic files, changes, etc. Basic changes typically take one-to-two days to implement.
We share the newly developed outplacement services portal with you to be sure we agree on any changes and modifications made. If needed, additional adjustments are made and presented for review. After final sign-off, the outplacement portal is ready for go-live and will become accessible via the Internet.
Depending upon your needs, we can provide additional support related to readiness, communication, and implementation of the workforce reduction. This includes communication material, presentations, employee meetings, and demos of your new outplacement services portal.



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